Come to the Adarrazpi cheesemaking dairy - book your guided tour of our cheesemaking dairy at Basque Cool Tour, in Spanish, Basque or English

Info: (+34) 943 059 439
Bookings: (+34) 626 786 750
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Info: (+34) 943 059 439
Bookings: (+34) 626 786 750
Orders: (+34) 669 939 097

Visit a traditional cheesemaking dairy

Basque Cool Tour offers a unique outing for the whole family. A guided tour on which you will not only visit our artisanal cheesemaking dairy, but also have the chance to enjoy Basque cuisine and learn how we make our cheeses and dairy produce. Give us a call!

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We are Basque Cooltour

Gastronomy, tradition, craft and culture all go hand-in-hand at Adarrazpi. We are just a new minutes from San Sebastian, in the foothills of Monte Adarra. A perfect natural setting where we offer a tour of our traditional cheesemaking dairy, to put you in touch with our roots and culture.

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Book your guided tour of our Adarrazpi cheesemaking dairy in Spanish, Basque or English at Donostialdea

Important information about our tours

1. All our guided tours are available in Spanish, Basque and English.

2. To go on the tour you must first have made a booking.

3. Visitors pay for the tour on site, after visiting our dairy. In cash or by card.

Standard tour

Enjoy a complete tour of Adarrazpi and samples of our produce! The package includes a guided tour of our facilities, from the storeroom to the dairy itself. We will accompany you throughout the tour of our farm, for you to learn all about each different part, and the processes and tasks we undertake there. Join us!

Express tour

Discover our farm and enjoy Basque gastronomy by trying our traditional menu. The Express tour includes a guided itinerary around our farm for you to learn about day-to-day life at a traditional cheesemaking dairy. The visit ends with a traditional lunch, where our menu is sure to please. Discover Adarrazpi!

Luxury tour

Discover our farm, learn how we make our cheese on a guided tour of the dairy, and enjoy a traditional menu in our restaurant. If you are looking for a family outing in San Sebastian, or a different idea, this tour has it all!

Customised tour

If our tours don't meet your requirements, please don't hesitate to contact us, and we will design a customised tour together. Ask us for info!

Standard tour

Express tour

Luxury tour

Meeting the flock

You will meet our sheep both outdoors at our farm, and in their shed. There you will see what they eat, along with an explanation of their daily routine and how we take care of them in each season of the year.

Discovering our farm

On a guided tour around Adarrazpi we will tell you about our daily work, you will meet the flock, see where they live, the milking room, and of course the dairy where we make our produce.

Milk, our fundamental ingredient

From the sheep shed we move on to the room where we obtain our main ingredient: milk. We explain how we milk the sheep, and how we take care of them during the process to guarantee their well-being at all times.

Cheese production

From the milking room, we move straight on to the dairy where we make our cheese. There we will give you a step-by-step explanation of how we produce our cheeses and dairy produce. Ready to try your hand making cheese with our team?

Sample our produce

After you have seen the whole process, what could be better than trying out our cheeses, right? The tour ends with a sampling of our cheeses and dairy produce, to ensure that your visit to Adarrazpi leaves the perfect taste in your mouth.

Enjoy the Adarrazpi menu

The Luxury tour ends in our dining area. A traditional menu awaits you there, with such house specialities as our roast lamb, home-made toast with Idiazabal cheese spread, ham croquettes made with sheep's milk, as well, of course, as a 100% artisanal dessert made at Adarrazpi using our own ingredients. You are bound to be back for seconds!

What the tours comprise

At Basque Cooltour we offer you a uniquely different experience for the whole family. Visit our cheesemaking dairy, learn about our traditional production process, and discover at first hand what daily life is like on a farm. A family outing in Gipuzkoa which will give you an insight into the world of shepherding, its history, daily tasks, as well, of course, as meeting our flock of sheep. Every season of the year is different, which means that no two visits are the same. Shearing, lambing season, the seasonal rotation of grazing land… Every visit is unique and unforgettable.

As well as contact with the animals, a booking at Basque Cool Tour also means visiting a traditional Basque dairy and taking part in the cheesemaking process. For those visiting with children, they will enjoy our kids' cheese workshop and learn how cheese is traditionally made. And then get the chance to sample it!

If you are a tourist looking for something different in San Sebastian, booking a visit to our cheesemaking dairy means guaranteed tradition, culture and gastronomy for all the family.